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Electrical Engineering Jobs

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Electrical Engineering Jobs - Govt Sector

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing and developing the electric circuits that power a wide range of equipment and machines. This includes the design of power distribution systems, transmission lines, motors, generators, and transformers. Find out more about electrical engineering jobs in the public sector below!

Electrical Engineering Jobs: Govt Sector

The government sector provides some great opportunities to find career opportunities in electrical engineering. The government sector employs 211,000 people that are in the field of electrical engineering. This includes people who are in the military, NASA, and other agencies who deal with technology. The list of job roles for the government is long including research engineers and project managers.

6 Benefits of working in the Govt sector

1) Unlike the public sector, the govt sector is not lagging in terms of innovation 2) The Govt sector also offers more opportunities to work on innovative projects 3) Employees have a more stable work environment and can usually be confident of getting a pension 4) It is easier to get a job in the Govt if you are from a minority background 5) There are more chances for promotion in the Govt than there are in the public sector. 6) The take-home pay will be a lot less stressful because it is steady

Job Search

If you're looking for an electrical engineering job, then you'll need to prepare. You should make sure that your resume is well-written and that it emphasizes all of your qualifications. You could also contact people in the industry to see if they have any leads. And finally, you can visit websites like Indeed or Monster to search for available jobs.

Work Environment

The work environment for government jobs varies, but may be based in an office setting. Employers typically expect individuals to work a 40-hour week, Monday through Friday. It may be beneficial to have some experience before looking for this type of job.

Salary Guidelines for Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are usually paid according to their experience and the company they work for. Most often, an electrical engineer will receive a salary that ranges from $65,000- $250,000 annually. Electrical engineers in government positions may be given higher salaries depending on the agency they are working for.


The article was a summary of the report published by the Union Public Service Commission, which discussed how the government should be more strategic about the hiring of qualified individuals for electrical engineering positions.